Growing, protecting, and harvesting requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements, and years of experience of harvesting Crops in our area.


 Proudly serving all of Humboldt County since 1999


Crop harvesting

 Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting crops .

 we offer baling services

1. 3x3 large square bales. Dry or silage hay.

2. 3 string baling .

3. tractor service


Planting Seed

Need help planting seed? You can  hire one of our farmers to plant seed for you.

we have all the necessary equipment to plow, disk and seed fields 


3 string grass hay horse quality

3 string grass hay for cows

3 string alfalfa grass mix

3x3 large square silage bales

Grains and complete Feeds from Bar Ale, Associated Feed and Modesto Milling.

Pet Food From Diamond and Taste of the wild.

A complete line of high quality shavings and bedding pellets from Mallard Creek.

Providing farmers with the tools to improve their harvest.